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SEO Services At A Glance

Work with your own dedicated SEO services expert.
Covers all aspects of SEO, from keywords to content.
SEO services plans and pricing customized to your business.

With over a billion sites online, it is hard to get noticed. We can help!

According to a recent article on, 81% of all purchases begin with an online search. So the higher your site ranks in searches, the more likely customers will choose your site over a lower-ranking competitor.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the work that goes into your website to help you improve your ranking and rank higher when customers search for your business on the internet.

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Results you can measure at a glance

Over 80% of our clients see first-page results for their targeted keywords within 6 months when they choose our SEO experts custom tailored SEO services recommended plan and allow on-site optimization.. Monitor your site’s progress with 24/7 access to the Google Analytics dashboard and see your real time results.

Your SEO expert will provide actionable reports and suggestions that you can use to improve your keyword density and improve SEO ranking. Or you can hire us to make the adjustments along the way. Whatever path you decide to follow we will be there to provide expert SEO advice. 

How SEO Services Works

We learn about your business.

It starts with a phone call. We’ll talk to you about your business, goals (like if you’re targeting local shoppers or global) and determine the best SEO services plan for your budget.

We get to work.

After researching your target market, your account manager will regularly update the code and content on your site to boost your search results and maintain strong search results

Watch your traffic grow.

SEO takes time. No one goes to the top position on Google overnight. But those who’ve made the investment have seen their search rank rise to the top ten in less than a couple months.

What’s Included

Get into the details

Account Management

The first step in optimizing your site for search engines is to see where you need help. Your account manager will review your current SEO status and performance and determine the most effective way to go forward.
Based on your site’s content and SEO performance, your account manager will select the best keyword(s) for your site, taking into account the products and services you offer, target locations (if applicable) and industry competition. Your account manager will call you directly to go over his or her findings and suggestions and work with you to decide on next steps.
Your account manager will review your rankings on a regular basis and contact you either monthly or quarterly to review the results. Of course, if there’s an urgent issue, they’ll call you immediately. And if all is well with your initial keyword(s), you can always contact your account manager and discuss how to expand your rankings with other keywords.
See how you’re doing at any moment with easy-to-understand reports available through your Google Analytics dashboard. Track rankings, traffic and overall progress made throughout your campaign.

Onsite SEO optimization

This optional but highly recommended process allows your account manager to add the recommended keywords to your site’s meta title, meta description and at least one image alt tag. This helps search engines connect your website with the keyword, making your page more relevant. Any changes made will be sent to you beforehand for approval.
To help gather and analyze vital SEO and traffic data, as well as any potential errors on your site, we will will install and monitor Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

Offsite SEO optimization

Once your site has been optimized around your targeted keyword(s), we will will submit your site to Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
Google+ is often disregarded as a social media platform, but a correctly optimized Google+ Local profile can be a strong factor in positively affecting your website’s overall SEO campaign. We will will create and optimize your Google+ Local profile with all the necessary information, including your website address. This will help your organic listing by moving it up into the local search results. Additionally, we will will find and merge any multiple listings so information is consistent, which is another key component.
When the correct information is added to a variety of social media sites like the Bing Business Portal, Yahoo Listings, Manta, Yellow Book, Foursquare, and Yelp, your website not only becomes more accessible to potential online customers, but also becomes more valid with search engines.
Adding your website to directories creates links that point back to your site, which gives search engines an additional reason to trust your site.
One of the best ways to show search engines that you’re a knowledgeable, trustworthy source is to connect with other sites that are relevant to your keyword. Our system finds applicable websites, which are verified by individual members of our team. We then compose a short, unique comment with the relevant content and keyword and include a link back to your site.
The final step in off-site SEO optimization is for our SEO team to bookmark the links they’ve created for your business on sites like Pinterest, Reddit, Digg and others, essentially compiling a list of their “favorite” sites in one handy location. These serve as incoming links to your site, which is one of the primary ways search engines determine ranking. And since the bookmarks are public, they can be viewed by other people and can draw their traffic to your site.

Content creation

We will create short articles, usually around two paragraphs, that use your keywords multiple times and link back to your website. These blog posts impact SEO because they show search engines that your keywords are important enough to be talked about. Blogs also create a base of long-lasting links to your site.

Each post is written to be unique and relevant, and is reviewed for grammatical errors, quality and originality – we take great care when it comes to preventing plagiarism. All blog post are unique to the website they are created for; blogs are not re-purposed or used by multiple sites.

Why SEO Services?

Dedicated resources

You’ll have one dedicated SEO services expert focused on your business – You don’t have to start from scratch with some random person if you call in with a question. Someone who knows your business, almost like an employee who just happens to work in our office.

Get started right away.

One call with us and we’ll have everything we need to get your business climbing the search results ladder. We’ve got your SEO covered so you can stay focused on your business.

Check progress anytime, 24/7.

While we can’t be available to take calls 24/7 (even SEO services experts need some sleep), you can monitor your results in your Google Analytics dashboard to see what’s been done and how your site is doing

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Your SEO services questions, our answers

How does SEO services work?
After consulting with our SEO Services team we will form a custom SEO plan for your business that meets your business goals and budget. From there, our SEO Services team goes to work doing the necessary on-site and off-site SEO work that your site needs to start ranking.
In what languages are SEO services offered?
Currently, SEO Services is available only in English (USA, Canada and Australia).
Are there any guarantees for SEO results?
Since every website is different and the competition varies online and on search engines, we cannot guarantee any SEO results. However, our methodology has proven to be an effective way to help your site increase in rankings. 80% of our customers are able rank on the first page of Google for their target keywords within 6 months if the customer 1) purchases the recommended SEO services plan and 2) allows us to make on-site optimizations.
Which types of websites and hosting plans are compatible with SEO services?
SEO services is compatible with all types of hosting and websites. — from supported products such as Website Builder, and WordPress to sites hosted elsewhere, such as Squarespace, Wix and Weebly. The only exception is sites that are built entirely in Flash.
What does SEO services include?
You’ll work with a dedicated SEO services expert who will develop a roadmap for success for your site. This will include necessary on-site and off-site SEO optimizations that will help your website rank higher on search engines. For a comprehensive list of what’s included, check out the Dig into the details section above. We will also outline the specifics of your SEO services plan in our proposal to you, once you have consulted with our SEO Services team.



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